HoneIn: July 2021

Your quarterly insurance market update.

Welcome to HoneIn FY21:Q4 - Your Insurance Insights & Projections

As an intermediary, we exist to help improve our clients’ risk profiles, to advise them on effective ways to transfer risk, enlighten them on key trends driving market conditions, and advise on prudent ways to navigate them.

In challenging markets such as this one, reliable, regular insights are a powerful asset. Accordingly, we’ll be ramping up our Thought Leadership in FY22. More than ever, we’re committed to keeping you informed the Honan waywith simplicity, transparency, and timeliness.

Over the last year, we’ve all faced incomprehensible challenges and setbacks, but the Insurance and Claims space is evolving in response. In this issue of HoneIn, we provide a dedicated update on the Australian Business Interruption Claims environment and expected developments for the quarter ahead. In our wrap of Q4 and anticipated insurance trends for FY22 Q1, we also cover Financial Lines, Corporate Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, and Strata & Real Estate. 

In keeping with all things evolution, we’re pleased to share news of two significant internal promotions within our Leadership team – congratulations Poppy and Travis! And it wouldn’t be HoneIn without spotlighting one of our Community Partners, this time, Dunbar Rovers Football Club. Known for its inclusive and highly successful football program, we couldn’t be prouder to support the Dunbar Rovers! Don’t miss our interview with Commercial and Sponsorship Director, Matt Delves.

Enjoy this issue of HoneIn, and all the best for a steady start to FY22! 





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