• Challenges to insurance protection in the Mining and Energy sector have arisen from new and developing industries, from LNG to Wind and Solar.
  • In 2018 the sector provided 45% of all goods and services exported, contributing 8.8% to GDP, directly employing 250,000 people, and paying State governments $12 Billion in royalties.
  • Considerable investment in LNG export projects of approximately $200 Billion was undertaken between 2009 – 2015, with Australia now the second largest LNG exporter globally.

Are you covered?

  • Cyber Insurance

    Protect your business from internet-based risks including hacking, data theft, ransomware, misplaced/mishandled files, illegal acts by employees, inadvertent security breaches by employees, improper discarding of computers/hardware.

  • Construction & Operations Professional Indemnity

    Protection against legal costs and expenses arising from acts, omissions or breaches of Professional duty, in connection with the Insured’s Business.  

  • Marine Transit Insurance

    Cover for loss or damage to goods, machinery and equipment in transit from overseas or within Australia.

  • Commercial Property Insurance

    Protection for the accidental loss or damage to existing buildings, plant, machinery and equipment. 

  • Directors & Officers Liability

    Protection for individual directors and officers in the event of actual or alleged acts, errors or omissions when managing a company. 

Peter Beard

Industry Lead - Mining & Energy

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