• Australian retail organisations face a unique and complex risk environment – a continually changing litigation landscape, the evolving world of online sales and e-commerce, regulatory pressures and a broad range of commercial considerations.
  • Retail turnover slowed from 2.2% in 2018 to just 1.5% in 2019, however the governments tax offsets should see the industry increase to 2.9% in 202.
  • A vast number of Australian retail businesses are underinsured. This can be due to having no insurance, incorrect insurance for the business or not enough cover, leaving business open to potential risks should an incident occur.

Are you covered?

  • Property damage

    Water damage within shopping centres where sprinkler systems are accidently set off, usually by shop fitters.

  • Glass Insurance

    Insurance covers all fixed glass within your business; shop front, mirrors, windows, doors and fittings such as glass displays.

  • Cyber Insurance

    Increased online trading raises the risk of an interruption to business caused by hackers. POS systems are also exposed to hackers who can shut down systems nationally, causing a loss...

  • General Liability

    Liability for personal injury & property damage (including financial loss) associated with manufacturing process and distribution of consumable product.

  • Industrial Special Risks (ISR)

    Increased online trading means increased reliance on a main warehouse location where losses can be catastrophic compared to the risk being spread across multiple store locations.  Overseas manufacturers, especially in...

  • Public Liability

    Frequency and exposure for slips and trips in store is increased with multiple stores.

Emily Tonkin

Industry Leader – Retail Wholesale Distribution

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