• There are a number of ongoing risks in the Transport and Logistics sector, from environmental, safety, delivery and equipment risk, to the those tied to you and your staff. It is important they are all thoroughly considered to create a sustainable business model.
  • This industry has an estimated annual profit of $95.65 billion and employs around 5% of the Australian workforce.
  • Major sub-sectors include Road Transport, Logistics, Warehousing and Stevedoring, all carrying their own unique risks.

Are you covered?

  • Finance Gap Protection

    In the event of your vehicle being involved in a total loss claim you may find yourself still owing a larger amount than you receive from your claim payout.

  • Marine Transit Insurance

    Coverage for your Customer’s Cargo if damaged during Transit. There are different levels of this cover available.

  • Industrial Special Risks (ISR)

    If your vehicle is damaged in an accident it can result in delays getting you back on the road. This cover will pay a weekly benefit to pay expenses.

  • Accident & Illness

    Provides 24/7 indemnity for up to 85% of your nominated weekly benefit if you contract a non-existing illness or injury.

  • Public Liability

    Provides indemnity for your liability for personal injury or property damage resulting from an incident in connection with your business. Different covers are required for transport companies and machinery operators.

Brad Hurd

Industry Lead - Transport & Logistics

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