Do I need EPL insurance?

EPL insurance is imperative for any company that is at any risk of human resource mismanagement. Breaches of employment law continue to increase, and the damages award grow in line with this, therefore it is an important consideration for businesses to manage this risk carefully.

Every business is different and will need to consider varying factors when choosing an EPL policy based on company structure, where the risks exists and the processes in place.  EPL can quite often fill the gaps in standard liability policies, and should be considered in context of your current operating environment.

What does EPL cover?

Employment-related risks are becoming more complex, and more common. The impact of an employment related claim is not only financial; it can create intangible damage to brand, reputation and culture.  It can spark media interest and public scrutiny.

Employment Practises Liability includes scenarios such as unfair dismissal, harassment and discrimination, duress, misconduct, wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal.

It generally covers you for damages and compensation, judgements, claimant costs, settlements and defence costs. It can also include investigation costs, additional pay, damages and penalties.

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