Accident & Illness

Provides 24/7 indemnity for up to 85% of your nominated weekly benefit if you contract a non-existing illness or injury.

Builders Warranty

A legislative requirement under State/Territory law in NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and WA for contracts over $20,000 in NSW & WA (or $12,000 in VIC, ACT & SA). It covers homeowners from faulty workmanship or non-completion of a contract if the builder is unable to complete the works due to death, insolvency or disappearance.

Clinical Trials Insurance

Protects against bodily injury, property damage and medical expenses related to clinical trials undertaken across the globe.

Structural Defects Liability

Provides cover to the licensed commercial builders for their legal accountability in reference to structural defects occurring in a building they have completed.

Consequential Loss/Delay in Start-Up

Covers the risk of financial loss incurred past the original scheduled completion date due when the delay is caused by physical loss or damage to the project.

Contaminated Products & Crisis Containment

Protection for claims associated with Product Recall due to potential for injury or damage as a result of Accidental Contamination, Malicious Product Tampering of Government Mandated Recall.

Contractors All Risks – Material Damage

Covering physical loss or damage to contract works during a construction project. This can include improper construction of structures and damages that happen during renovations.

Contractors Mobile Plant & Equipment

Covers theft, breakdown or damage of a large range of mobile plant & equipment including bobcats, bulldozers, cranes, concreting equipment, excavators, forklifts, farming machinery, loaders and road work equipment

Faulty Workmanship coverage

Covers the cost of rectifying faulty workmanship, regardless of whether the rectification work is undertaken by you or someone else.

Finance Gap Protection

In the event of your vehicle being involved in a total loss claim you may find yourself still owing a larger amount than you receive from your claim payout.

General Liability

Liability for Personal Injury & property damage (including Financial loss) associated with manufacturing process and distribution of consumable product

General Liability

Liability for personal injury & property damage (including financial loss) associated with manufacturing process and distribution of consumable product.

Glass Insurance

Insurance covers all fixed glass within your business; shop front, mirrors, windows, doors and fittings such as glass displays.

Individual Medical Indemnity Insurance

Compulsory for all medical practitioners in Australia including dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, physiotherapists. Cover protects both practitioner and patient in the case of a negligent act, error or omission during care.

Pollution Liability

Covers third parties from pollution caused by your business’s activities including personal injury and property damage. Coverage can include clean-up to remove hazardous substances and restoring properties to usable condition.

Portable Medical Equipment Insurance

Protection of equipment including mobile surgical equipment, mobile electronic devices used by medical and first aid professions and medical devices being trialled in various clinical trial phases.

Practice Indemnity Insurance

Protect the livelihood of your medical practice and all your practice staff in the event of a complaint, negligent act, error, omission.

Product Recall Insurance

Covers expenses associated with product recall including notification, shipping, warehousing and additional personnel. Cover can be extended to include the cost of repair, replacement or refund of the product.

Property damage

Water damage within shopping centres where sprinkler systems are accidently set off, usually by shop fitters.

Technology Property

Covering impairment of computer systems including breakdown. Cover can also extend to protect loss of profits following an interruption.

Third Party Liability & Completed Operations Liability

Covering a contractor’s liability for property damage or injuries to a third party once contracted operations cease.

Tools & Portable Property

Covers theft or accidental damage to the portable devices that you use away from the office to run your business such as tools, laptops and mobile phones.

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