Lea Mac Head of Strategy

Office: Sydney

Joined Honan: April 2020


A quote capturing your approach to your role

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln.

Tell us about yourself

Prior to joining Honan I spent nearly 10 years at the Macquarie Group. My work for Macquarie included identifying opportunities for new business, setting and implementing business development strategies, and leading a team toward continued growth; as individuals, and a collective unit. These roles are ones I’m now pleased to be executing at Honan. With a vibrant personality and strong communication skills, I love the youthful energy and exponential opportunity offered by the Honan brand. Our fresh approach to client development bodes beautifully with my approach to building brands through strong financial literacy, innovative sales strategies and, above all, great relationships.

Alongside gritty commercial challenges, I love any opportunity to travel, meet new people and share a good red!

What does the Head of Strategy do?

As the Head of Strategy, I am responsible for building and nurturing powerful commercial partnerships with our clients.  My work spans go-to-market strategy, business development and leading Honan’s continued rapid growth through dynamic internal strategies.

Your Last Two Months in 2 mins?

Upskilling on all things insurance

With an investment banking pedigree, the world of financial services is far from foreign, but my insurance game is a work in progress. To level-up, I’ve been picking brains and grilling the Honan gurus; sponging new terms, concepts and processes from all departments and sectors. Asking loads of silly questions along the way, I’m looking forward to bringing an ‘outside’ perspective to the Honan arsenal.

Learning, the Honan way

Getting to know the ins and outs of the Honan culture and brand. I’ve been blown away by the diversity, resilience and talent across our team. With almost 200 employees across four countries, the Honan team is vast, yet everyone comes together at the drop of a hat to achieve the best possible experiences and outcomes for our clients.

What are your key priorities as Head of Strategy? 

My focus is on closing the gap between business development ‘concepts’, and their real-world manifestations. I’m responsible for bringing fantastic ideas to life and making sure they return worthy bottom-line results!

With an industry-leading team, high-energy culture and impressive global network, Honan has an unrivalled opportunity to lead the way with innovative digital capabilities and exceptional client experiences. Converting clients and prospects into fans who believe in, and proudly advocate for Honan will be the truest marker of our work.

Your core focus for the month ahead?

Re-inventing the core of insurance broking of course! Ok, not quite!

For me, the month ahead will be about sharpening our FY21 business strategies, policies and procedures toward some ambitious growth targets. In pursuit of this we’ll be bringing some disruptive thinking to the category.  This is arguably the most exciting (and perhaps daunting) time the insurance industry has seen, and we’re tackling it head on. With a razor sharp customer-focus baked into the Honan culture, we’ll be addressing client needs with more exceptional products and services than ever.

Recommended further reading / a great online resource?

TED Talk – Rachel Botsman – The Currency of the New Economy is Trust

Rachel is a world-renowned expert on the new era of trust and technology.



Phone: +61 428 525 463

Email: lea.mac@honan.com.au


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