1. Welcome Lucy, and thanks for stepping into the Honan Careers Spotlight! First things first … as a child, what did you want to be when you ‘grew up’?

As a child I wanted to be a teacher. I would line up my dolls and pretend to teach them using my recycled worksheets from school. Of course, I went ahead and pursued a career in teaching!


2. You’re currently the Claims Team Lead – NSW,  and an invaluable member of  Honan’s Strata Insurance & Risk Solutions Team. In 1 sentence, what does this role entail?

A typical day involves managing Strata insurance claims, providing training and technical support to the team, ensuring there is advocacy for our clients from the start of a claim until the very end, and providing our clients with the best possible service and claim outcome.


3. You’ve been in your current role for a few months now, but began your career with Honan as a Client Executive. Tell us a little about your journey at Honan – where it started, and how you’ve progressed through the business since day 1 …

I joined Honan in early July 2020 with a background in Property Claims and Training & Development. Since then, I have had the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge, and I have gained invaluable exposure and experience through specialising in Strata claims.

An opportunity presented itself and in April, I transitioned into the Claims Team Lead role – overseeing the team and working closely with Client Executives of the Strata Team.


4. Tell us a little about your personal education pathway/s – what led you to where you are now? How closely do your formal qualifications match your current career?

I completed a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Marine Biology, which was a lot of fun! After graduation, I started teaching full-time. I began feeling exhausted every day and my happiness gradually diminished. I drew up a pros and cons list to re-evaluate what I wanted.

My family is in the construction industry, so I had an interest in buildings and there was a role in Property Claims that appealed to me. I decided to apply for the position, despite having no formal experience. I believe it was my transferable skills and motivation that made them confident I could succeed in the role. I was given on the job training and I quickly grasped the process in claims management. I found joy and purpose in what I did. It was challenging and rewarding. I am very grateful I was given this opportunity to establish a career in the Insurance industry.

Later, I took an opportunity in training and development, which involved training new starters and upskilling existing staff. However, I missed the fast-paced environment and the problem-solving aspects of my day, so I returned to managing claims.


5. What inspires/excites you most about the work you do each day? 

Every day is different and unpredictable. I enjoy the opportunities for problem-solving and bouncing ideas off others within the team. I am grateful to be working alongside a great team and to have such supportive leaders.


6. In the scheme of career progression, what is one of the most challenging obstacles you’ve come up against? How did you overcome it?

Changing careers. Stepping into a completely different industry and role was extremely challenging. It was like pouring out half my glass of teaching and Science knowledge so I could have an open mind to fill the cup back up with new knowledge and experiences in insurance claims.


7. Noting career ‘success’ is often underpinned by leveraging strengths and superpowers … tell us, what’s one of yours?

Having a positive attitude has helped me embrace change, to see the better side of things, and achieve my goals. It helped me realise it’s completely okay to change careers after investing years in something else. It pushed me to work hard, to concentrate on the task at hand and believe there was something good ahead of the problem. My teaching days definitely toughed me up as well!


8. Magic happens when organisational and personal purpose collide. What is it about Honan that keeps you coming back each day? 

Working with people who share the same values and work ethic motivates me, and having fun is also important. Being at Honan allows me to tick all three!


9. If you could share one piece of ‘career’ advice with your younger self what would it be?

Life is full of surprises. Go for it – expect the unexpected and always keep learning. Do what you enjoy because happiness is the key to success.


10. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live tomorrow.” What’s next on your learning agenda?

In the current digital age, we have access to so many excellent online resources. I will be delving into more people management and development tools to inspire and set the team up for success and growth.



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