Brad Tymmons – Group Head of Client Engagement

Office: Melbourne

Joined Honan: July 2016


A quote capturing your approach to your role

“Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems” Sun Tzu.


Tell us about yourself

Prior to joining Honan, I spent 5 years in risk management with EnergyAustralia. Since joining Honan in 2016 I have had a range of roles, from Operations to leading our growth in South East Asia. My current role focuses on optimising our client value proposition, which involves working closely with our larger corporate clients, brokers, and risk solutions specialists. The other part of my role is corporate new business, leading our major tender bids. Outside work is varied but the best part is the interactions with my 11-year-old daughter. We have similar personalities which makes for tense games of whatever my daughter challenges me to… winner takes all.


What does the Group Head of Client Engagement do?

At its core, the purpose of the role is to continuously improve our corporate client value proposition. Day to day, this ranges from working on technical product enhancements through to assisting clients with risk management. There is also the communication and education about market trends and the design of client risks for presentations to insurance markets. I also work with our Claims team on complex claims issues. The role gives me the opportunity to interact with people right across our company, with our clients, and the industry.


A noteworthy trend?

No surprises here, it is data! By this, I mean quality risk data because this improves the pricing of risks. We consistently see major pricing variances across market participants (which is expected), however, the variances can be quite dramatic. The type and timeliness of risk data continue to improve which (hopefully) leads to narrower variances and more predictability in market pricing.

What are the 3 things you find most motivating about your role?

  • Our talent development – the growth in confidence and capabilities across our young, intelligent Client Service team.
  • Clients coming to appreciate the value of insurance in supporting their business strategies. Moving beyond the ‘insurance as a commodity’ mentality to ‘insurance as a form of capital’, providing balance sheet protection.
  • The success we achieve when we roll up our sleeves, collaborate across a dynamic and driven team and deliver client outcomes that exceed expectations.


Biggest learning from your time at Honan?

There has been plenty of learnings, a testament to the culture of Honan. However, I’ll say the acceptance that I don’t have all the answers, I have weaknesses where others have strengths and lean into my colleagues for their strengths. As an example, I don’t need to lead a conversation with a client on a technical matter if I have a subject matter expert with me, regardless of their industry experience. They’ll lead the conversation and I’ll be there to support.


Your core focus for the year ahead at Honan?

  • Getting out to see more of our clients face to face – this is well overdue.
  • Our teams are collaborating more than ever, so I’ll be focusing on the integration of our risk solutions and broking services for our corporate clients, capitalising on this collaboration.
  • I’ll be working closely with our placement teams to further develop my knowledge and relationships with the insurance markets.


Recommended further reading / a great online resources/a podcast?

Over recent months I’ve taken to sitting down most weeknights with my wife and daughter to watch 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. It’s my wind down for the day but some topics are off-limits for an 11-year-old.

I also highly recommend a podcast called ‘No Limitations’ hosted by Gregory Robinson from Blenheim Partners.


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