In the business world, professional sportspeople – with their dedication, discipline, and skills, are often cited as the epitome of high performance. But what is it really like to transition from the pinnacle of sport to the challenges of business? And what are some of the habits and skillsets that enable that? Honan CEO Andrew Fluitsma recently caught up with champion footballer, media personality and now Company founder, Chris Judd to find out.


Watch this latest episode of our ‘With You All The Way’ series, to hear these insights, as well as:
  • How personality testing and early business experience introduced Chris to the world of investing
  • How Chris brought his skillsets from on and off the sporting field to the business media space, crediting ‘blending skillsets’ as a key enabler to a unique market position
  • How ‘habit stacking’ helps Chris achieve outcomes each day
  • The importance of having people around you to develop a plan
  • The power of maintaining a healthy routine and connectivity


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