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Unbelievably only 33% of the health care industry protect themselves from a cyber breach and the outcomes of this can be devastating.


Health Service Providers experience more Cyber breaches than any other sector in Australia. These breaches can cost up to $400 a patient, and yet, only 33 percent of the industry has taken the preventative measure of protecting themselves properly by taking out Cyber Insurance. 

With billions of people across the world entrusting healthcare organizations to protect their identities, and these same organisations relying on their critical infrastructure to secure it all, it becomes crucial to not just have the right cybersecurity solution in place to stop an attack before it has a catastrophic impact, but to ensure they are able to prevent future attacks from ever happening.

Melbourne-based cardiology group The Melbourne Heart Group fell victim to a ransomware attack early this year. 15,000 electronic medical records were hacked and scrambled and held to ransom meaning that no one was able to access any of the patient’s data including The Melbourne Heart Group itself. 

Reports indicated that it was likely a result of someone browsing a malicious website or clicking on a malicious link. It took weeks to repair the breach and the company experienced media scrutiny over the extend of the breach and the IT security it had in place to protect its patient’s details. 

This case is a timely reminder that health care companies cannot afford to rely solely on their IT security software in this era of cybercrime. For complete protection, companies need to look towards their insurance broker for guidance on how to manage their cyber risk

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