You can have the best systems and procedures, but without the right people, they really mean nothing.


You can typically even train people on how to use said systems, or explain what the company’s official policies and procedures are, but more often than not, it’s the interpersonal, inherently human skills, that can make the difference between ‘successful system execution’ and epic technology failure.

Digging deeper into the human traits that make workplaces and organisational cultures truly special – qualities like loyalty, care and understanding come to mind. While such qualities aren’t necessarily ‘teachable’, they can certainly be modelled, encouraged and celebrated. Ultimately, of course, authentic company values aren’t brand ‘badges’, but ones intuitively lived – through actions, relationships, decisions and results.

I’ve been fortunate to work for several companies over my career, and most of them were large in size. From taking care of in-flight customers, to supporting software sales teams, the common denominator for colleagues wishing to leave a company seems to come down to a perceived lack of value by their employer. Typically this has manifested in an employee feeling a lack of respect from those around them, an overall absence of care across the organisation, or that they were just ‘another number’.

For the last four years I’ve had the pleasure of working at Honan, and my experience couldn’t be more contrary to this. While I’ve often felt an itch to shift elsewhere after a similar tenure, this certainly hasn’t been the case at Honan.

Of course, like working for any company in any capacity, there are challenging days, but most importantly, the good days have far outweighed the bad. Perhaps more so in 2020 than ever before. I have come to realise just how special the Honan organisation is, and it’s certainly far more than a broker.

In recent months I’ve witnessed exceptional care across the business. I’ve had interstate staff call me, weekly, just to see how I’m doing – quite an unexpected pleasure given my role as an EA is largely to solve the wants and needs of others.

Our management team has also gone above and beyond to ensure we stay connected, motivated, are mentally and physically well, and have what we need to not only do our jobs, but cope personally during challenging times.

As a result – I’m feeling a greater sense of loyalty to the company than I ever before, and so grateful to have a job I enjoy and know is valued – particularly in a climate when so many others have been less fortunate. Overwhelmingly, I feel grateful to be part of such a fantastic team.

The lesson here? A company that takes care of its people is a healthy one, and one worth trusting. If we look after each other internally this well, let me tell you, we’re just the same with our clients. We pride ourselves in being ‘with you all the way’, and this year has validated that day in, day out. With a stronger people, stronger brand philosophy, Honan is a company you can depend on.



Sarah Walsh

Executive Assistant


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