To celebrate our expansion into Asia we will be hosting the next WBN Conference in Singapore.

There’s not many places on Earth where people converge the way they do in Singapore. From tourists to transients to citizens, this progressive island, also known as the red dot, is the gateway to South East Asia.

From a confluence of diverse cultures to a myriad of architectural styles, to a dynamic mix of ideologies and histories, Singapore is the essence of modern Asia with a touch of old school.

Having celebrated her 50th birthday last year, Singapore is as young as it is old. It is also known as the financial hub of South East Asia, home to multinational corporations, international financial institutions and reputed business organisations.

Singapore’s modern infrastructure, world class transportation hub and pro-business environment appeal to global business.

Its rise to economic stardom is also attributed to the well educated and skilled English and multi-lingual speaking workforce, hence Honan’s establishment in Singapore in 2010

We had made sure the itinerary is filled with only the best of Singapore and it would be our pleasure if you could join us in Singapore for the Autumn WBN Conference in October.

So, come on down — see the sights, feast on the magnificent food and be charmed and marvelled by the beauty of a place which was once merely a fishing town but now the financial hub of South East Asia and an influential dot on the map!


Beautiful Singapore Travel Landmarks. Vector and Illustration.


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