In a world where seamless virtual connectivity is more important than ever, we’re proud to announce the appointment of our Head of IT, Stuart Madden to the Zoom Customer Advisory Board.

Zoom Video Communications has been around since 2011, but its capabilities and ease of use have cemented its household name status in recent months. COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the world of business and the uptake of Zoom (from 10 million daily users in December 2019 to 300 million in April 2020) demonstrates the value of this solution (sources: Verge, Zoom).


Honan’s Zoom Journey

At Honan, we’ve relied heavily on Zoom Video Communications to stay connected and collaborate as a workforce, with our clients, our suppliers and each other. When asked what made Zoom the perfect tool for Honan, Stuart answered “Zoom is a product I fell in love with years ago. We moved to Zoom, simply because it just works”. Honan’s transition to Zoom was simple and happened almost overnight; we had our entire staff on a Zoom call spanning five countries less than a week after rolling it out. The feedback from our employees and clients on Zoom’s functionality and ease of use has been amazing. Under Stuart’s guidance, Honan is also an early adopter of the Zoom phone system and he’s been busily passing on ideas to Zoom for improvements.   Stuart is excited about the possibilities; “this is early days in the world of global video communications and Zoom are already streets ahead of others who have been in the game a lot longer”.


Zoom to Grow

Stuart recognises what an honour it is to join Zoom’s Advisory Board along with other industry leaders. “Being part of the Advisory Board means we can contribute to Zoom’s evolution as our communication needs change. I can take our learning as a company and feed those practical insights directly into the heart of the Zoom development team”.

In a time when face-to-face meetings are no longer the norm, the world of Zoom is changing quickly and will continue to do so. We’re eager to see what the future holds and look forward to watching Stu as he contributes to the development of this world-class technology solution.


Congratulations Stu!

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